The Everyday {Stanford KY photographer}

I speak often, in my Beginner classes, and to photographer friends, about the importance of capturing the everyday. The ordinary, and the seemingly boring moments of our childrens lives. Sometimes as photographers we forget to do that. Sometimes, ok a lot of times, as moms, we are just worn out, and want to enjoy the 2 minutes of silence when the kids are playing nicely together. But I can promise you I never, ever regret trading that two seconds of silence for stolen moments, and photographs.

While it is much needed, and fantastic to have nice smiley, posed, images of our littles, dressed in their Sunday best, I think it is equally important to capture the lives of our children just as they are. Mess hair, dirty faces, mismatched clothing, tears and joy.

I don’t profess to know it all, my children are still fairly young (9 and under) but as I watch them grow, these are the moments I want to remember. A full day spent on the front porch watching them run, and squeal, chasing one another, laughing, loving, and even the occasional fight. These images for instance, are just a handful I took of my youngest two playing in the backyard last night. I was sitting on the steps watching them run and play, and noticed how lovely the light was, and I ran for my camera. So glad I took the extra 5 minutes to grab a camera instead of just my phone. 🙂

Enjoy! And make sure to grab your own camera this week and capture the everyday, because I am sure, in the blink of an eye, todays everyday will be gone, and traded for something new.

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